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Album Review

The same lineup that made the band's previous reunion album, 1977's When Scopes Collide, came together again for this surprise 1990 release, wryly subtitled "We Ain't Dead Yet." It's stronger than its predecessor. As in the previous set, there are covers (of the Coasters' "Down in Mexico" and Duke Ellington's "Wild Man"). Here we also get Abdullah Ibrahim's "African Market Place," Don & Dewey's "Jungle Hop," and the Music Machine's 1966 hit "Talk Talk." And a couple more styles are brought under the Kaleidoscope umbrella: flamenco and klezmer. In true Kaleidoscope tradition, the arrangements are full of exotic instruments and the standard of musicianship is high. Practically anyone looking to expand his or her musical horizons would do well to give the Kaleidoscope a try.
Stephen Raiteri, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Jungle Hop
  2. Layla, Layla
  3. Martians at the Window
  4. Gitano Fino
  5. African Market Place
  6. Talk Talk
  7. Wild Man
  8. Down in Mexico
  9. Klezmer Suite: Doina (Blue Doina)/Hora (Londra from Kartoonistan)/ ...