Country, New Traditionalist, Contemporary Country

Album Review

Self-pity has always played an integral role in country music, but it's more effective a song at a time, not spread over an entire album. Unlike some harder-voiced honky-tonkers who funnel their emotions into cathartic country blues, Stone seems to wallow in sorrow. His ex is showing him up; his kid's growing up too fast; his new wife's walking out on him and telling him to shut up as he slams the door. This guy's favorite honky-tonk even gets turned into a fern bar.
Brian Mansfield, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Thought It Was You
  2. A Jukebox With a Country Song
  3. The Feeling Never Goes Away
  4. (For Every Inch I've Laughed) I've Cried a Mile
  5. Remember the Ride
  6. Come in out of the Rain
  7. Burning Down the Town
  8. If It Was up to Me
  9. The Right to Remain Silent
  10. They Don't Make Years Like They Used To