Mercury Nashville
Country, Country-Pop, Traditional Country

Album Review

Although he reached his commercial peak in the latter half of the decade, Tillis hit his creative stride in the early 1970s, the period compiled on The Memory Maker. Leading off with "I Ain't Never," and his first number one, the collection also features "Sawmill," "Mental Revenge," "Neon Rose," and "Midnight, Me and the Blues."
Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Ain't Never
  2. Brand New Mister Me
  3. Stomp Them Grapes
  4. Commercial Affection
  5. Midnight, Me and the Blues
  6. Woman in the Back of My Mind
  7. Sawmill
  8. The Arms of a Fool
  9. Neon Rose
  10. Take My Hand
  11. Heaven Everyday
  12. Memory Maker
  13. Mental Revenge