April 08, 2008
Vocal Music, Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop

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Track Listing

  1. Het There
  2. Half as Much
  3. Tenderly
  4. This Old House
  5. You're Just in Love
  6. Come On-A My House
  7. Hello Young Lovers
  8. It Might as Well Be Spring
  9. Memories of You
  10. Sister's
  11. Younger Than Springtime
  12. Beautiful Brown Eyes
  13. Blues in the Night
  14. Botch A-Me
  15. Count Your Blessings
  16. I Wish I Wuz
  17. Mambo Italiano
  18. Too Old to Cut the Mustard
  19. Mangos
  20. Peachtree Street
  21. Be My Life's Companion
  22. If I Had a Penny
  23. Who Kissed Me Last Night
  24. You'll Never Know
  25. You Make Me Feel So Young
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