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Album Review

In another experiment, producer Creed Taylor teams O'Day with the alternately Latin and bop-grounded quartet of vibraphonist Cal Tjader -- and he gets some amazing performances from this team. O'Day sounds as if she is delighted with Tjader's polished Afro-Cuban grooves, gliding easily over the rhythms, toying with the tunes, transforming even a tune so locked into its trite time as "Mr. Sandman" into a stimulating excursion. Indeed, O'Day's freewheeling phrasing becomes downright sexy on "That's Your Red Wagon" and Dave Frishberg's delicious parody of a spoiled honeybunch, "Peel Me a Grape." Also, thanks to Taylor's obsession with good engineering and tasteful applications of reverb, O'Day's voice sounds much fuller and more attractive in his productions than on her Norman Granz-produced albums.
Richard S. Ginell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Thanks for the Memory
  2. It Shouldn't Happen to a Dream
  3. Just in Time
  4. Under a Blanket of Blue
  5. That's Your Red Wagon
  6. Peel Me a Grape
  7. An Occasional Man
  8. The Party's Over
  9. I Believe in You
  10. Mr. Sandman
  11. Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year
  12. I'm Not Supposed to Be Blue Blues
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