July 14, 2009
American Legends
Country, Contemporary Country, New Traditionalist

Album Review

Lonesome Balladeer is a budget-priced, ten-track collection that features several of Doug Stone's hits from the '90s including "In a Different Light," "Come in out of the Pain," "I Thought It Was You," and "I Never Knew Love." These tracks are the original versions released on Epic, making it a good bargain for the budget-conscious.
Al Campbell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. A Jukebox with a Country Song
  2. Too Busy Being in Love
  3. Why Didn't I Think of That
  4. I Never Knew Love
  5. Addicted to a Dollar
  6. In a Different Light
  7. Warning Labels
  8. These Lips Don't Know How to Say Goodbye
  9. I Thought It Was You
  10. Come in out of the Pain