August 25, 2009
Varèse Sarabande
Blues, British Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Electric Harmonica Blues, Blues Revival

Album Review

There is at least some rhyme and reason to this set, which includes a disc each by Sonny Boy Williamson II and John Mayall, since both play the harp and both play the blues, but it's random at best, and there is certainly nothing new under the sun here. Mayall's disc is a nice enough representation of his lifetime efforts to preserve, promote, and gently expand the Chicago blues in Britain, while Williamson's disc is yet another packaging of his late-career sessions with the Yardbirds and the Animals. Taken together, these two discs are listenable but hardly essential, with most everything easily available elsewhere.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Room to Move
  2. It Ain't Right
  3. Wild About You
  4. I Ain't Got You
  5. All Your Love
  6. Racehorse Man
  7. Help me
  8. Ridin' on the L & N
  9. Cold Blooded Woman
  10. Dirty Dozen
  11. Dream About the Blues
  12. Rolling With the Blues
  13. Fattenin' Frogs for Snakes
  14. Bye Bye Bird
  15. Easy Baby
  16. Highway 69
  17. Pontiac Blues
  18. My Babe
  19. I'm Gonna Put You Down
  20. Little Girl
  21. Down and out Blues
  22. Baby, Please Come Back Home [#][Version]
  23. I'm So Glad [#][Version]
  24. Down and out Blues [#][Version]