November 17, 2009
Vintage Music Productions

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Track Listing

  1. Take My Heart
  2. Stars In My Eyes
  3. The Scene Changes
  4. On The Beach At Bali Bali
  5. Summer Holiday
  6. I'm Grateful To You
  7. Dear Old Southland
  8. Way Down Younder In New Orleans
  9. Dardanella
  10. It Ain't Right
  11. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
  12. In A Sentemental Mood
  13. Where The Moon Hangs High
  14. Midnight Blue
  15. South Sea Island Magic
  16. Afterglow
  17. I'm One Step Ahead of My Shadow
  18. Now or Never
  19. Love, What Are You Doing To My Heart
  20. You're Giving Me A Song And A Dance
  21. With Thee I Swing
  22. Tea On The Terrace
  23. I'm In A Dancing Mood
  24. There's Frost On The Moon
  25. He Ain't Got Rhythm