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World, African Folk, Madagascan, Southern African, African Traditions, Finger-Picked Guitar

Album Review

It's always hard to separate out the influences on a Malagasy recording - I was sure D'Gary's guitar would resemble traditional valiha playing, instead it's a complex mixture of East African traditional and European influences (but no Joseph Spence, despite the blurb). At times he sounds like Ali Farka Toure without the bluesy overtones (though perhaps not as delicate) - long, fluid runs which reminded me of Portuguese fado, at other times he strums in a way that recalls the South African Citaumvano! Actually, this diversity is not surprising when you consider D'Gary's island origins .
Carl Hoyt, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Biby Aomby
  2. Betepotepo
  3. Raininy
  4. Sahira [Instrumental]
  5. E! Nama Inona NY Anzaranao
  6. Anary Tany
  7. Tiako Ianao
  8. Zarazarao
  9. Antsary Helo
  10. Tiambaly [Instrumental]
  11. Manibili
  12. Kabary Boketra [Instrumental]
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