May 11, 1993
Country, Contemporary Country, Soft Rock, Neo-Traditionalist Country

Album Review

Wynonna Judd's second album, Tell Me Why, is a more confident and diverse collection than her debut. Drawing from sources as varied as gospel, folk, and blues-rock, Wynonna doesn't necessarily deliver a pure country album, but her blend of roots genres does qualify as a cleverly constructed contemporary country record. The selection of material is first-rate, but what makes Tell Me Why her best solo effort is how she ties all of the songs together with her assured -- and surprisingly subtle -- vocals.
Thom Owens, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Tell Me Why
  2. Rock Bottom
  3. Only Love
  4. Let's Make a Baby King
  5. Is It Over Yet
  6. Father Sun
  7. Girls with Guitars
  8. Just Like New
  9. I Just Drove By
  10. That Was Yesterday
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