March 25, 2011
EMI Classics
World, Indian Subcontinent Traditions, Indian Classical, World Fusion, Raga

Album Review

No musician did more than Ravi Shankar to bring Indian music and the sitar to a Western audience and he has had a massive influence on countless musicians and composers the world over. This set collects five of his releases (West Meets East, Full Circle: Carnegie Hall 2000, India’s Master Musician, Portrait of Genius, and Sound of the Sitar) on two discs, and includes several collaborations with Yehudi Menuhin.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Prabhati
  2. Swara-Kakali
  3. Raga Piloo
  4. Dhun
  5. Twilight Mood
  6. Raga Kaushi Kanhara: Alap-Jor-Jhala [Live]
  7. Raga Kaushi Kanhara: Gat In Dhamar [Live]
  8. Kafi-Holi (Spring Festival Of Colours)
  9. Mishra Piloo
  10. Tala Rasa Ranga
  11. Tabla -- Dhwani
  12. Song from the Hills
  13. Tala -- Tabla Tarang
  14. Gat Kirwani
  15. Raga Malkauns: Alap
  16. Raga Malkauns: Jor
  17. Tala Sawari
  18. Pahari Dhun [Instrumental]
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