March 28, 1994
World Circuit
World, World Fusion, African Traditions, Malian Music, African Folk, West African, Desert Blues

Album Review

Guitarist Ali Farka Touré has repeatedly bridged the gap between traditional African and contemporary American vernacular music, and this release continues that tradition. Talking Timbuktu features him singing in 11 languages and playing acoustic and electric guitar, six-string banjo, njarka, and percussion, while teaming smartly with an all-star cast that includes superstar fusion bassist John Patitucci, session drummer Jim Keltner, longtime roots music great Ry Cooder (who doubled as producer), venerable guitarist Gatemouth Brown, and such African percussionists and musicians as Hamma Sankare on calabash and Oumar Touré on congas.
Ron Wynn, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Bonde
  2. Soukora
  3. Gomni
  4. Sega
  5. Amandrai
  6. Lasidan
  7. Kelto
  8. Banga
  9. Ai Du
  10. Diaraby
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