April 25, 1995
Pop/Rock, Southern Rock, Blues-Rock, Retro-Rock, Album Rock, Boogie Rock

Album Review

The members of the group that has the legal right to call itself "Little Feat" perhaps are to be complemented for their realization, after three albums, that having Craig Fuller imitate the voice of the band's deceased founder, Lowell George, was ethically suspect. Or maybe they didn't realize; this album's liner notes say only that "mister fuller decided that the road life was not for him." In any case, the surviving "featsters" have cast against type, recruiting one Shaun Murphy, who can't imitate George but certainly can imitate longtime Feat booster Bonnie Raitt. The addition of a female voice allows for greater variety in lyric-writing and some entertaining call-and-response singing, however, and more important, it begins to free the group from the ghost of Lowell George. The featsters locate themselves more than ever in the mythology of New Orleans, alternating second-line rhythms with John Lee Hooker boogie. One may still wish they had found another name to distinguish themselves from George's group, but Ain't Had Enough Fun is a worthy addition to their catalog on its own terms.
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Drivin' Blind
  2. Blue Jean Blues
  3. Cadillac Hotel
  4. Romance Without Finance
  5. Big Bang Theory
  6. Cajun Rage
  7. Heaven's Where You Find It
  8. Borderline Blues
  9. All That You Can Stand
  10. Rock & Roll Everynight
  11. Shakeytown
  12. Ain't Had Enough Fun
  13. That's a Pretty Good Love
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