November 22, 2011
Raven Records
Country, Traditional Country, Country-Pop, Nashville Sound/Countrypolitan

Album Review

This two-fer CD combines Mel Tillis' 1973 album Sawmill with Stomp Them Grapes, released the following year. These LPs were originally released on MGM and had been out of print until being reissued in 2011 on the Australian Raven label. Both LPs focus on Tillis the singer rather than the songwriter, which is what first brought him to Nashville in the '50s. Tillis contributed a single song per album: "Sawmill" (which was first recorded in 1958 and re-recorded for the 1973 album -- it became a Top Ten hit on the country charts along with “Stomp Them Grapes”) and “Hang My Picture in Your Heart.” The five bonus cuts also include three songs that made the Top Ten: “Commercial Affection,” “Brand New Mister Me,” and “Take My Hand,” a duet with Sherry Bryce, whom Tillis often recorded with in the '70s. This is an enjoyable reissue from the Mel Tillis MGM catalog.
Al Campbell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Midnight, Me and the Blues
  2. Scarlet Wings
  3. Amanda
  4. Hang My Picture in Your Heart
  5. If There Were No Memories
  6. Stomp Them Grapes
  7. My Side of Life
  8. Somebody Gave Lucy a Drink
  9. Second Best
  10. Last Time
  11. Sawmill
  12. Leona
  13. Bobbi
  14. Borrowed Angel
  15. Remembering
  16. Live in My Heart
  17. Cheap Imitation
  18. If I Throw Away My Pride
  19. Take a Look at Me
  20. Thank You for Being You
  21. Commercial Affection [*]
  22. Brand New Mister Me [*]
  23. Best Way I Know How [*]
  24. Take My Hand [*]
  25. You Are the One [*]