June 22, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Let's Dance [Live][Instrumental]
  2. Don't Be That Way [Live][Instrumental]
  3. Memories of You [Live][Instrumental]
  4. I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good [Live][Instrumental]
  5. Why You? [Live][Instrumental]
  6. Come Rain or Come Shine [Live]
  7. Feathers [Live][Instrumental]
  8. On the Alamo [Live][Instrumental]
  9. One O'Clock Jump [Live][Instrumental]
  10. After You've Gone [Live][Instrumental]
  11. Honeysuckle Rose [Live]
  12. Sing, Sing, Sing [Live][Instrumental]
  13. Stealin' Apples [Live][Instrumental]
  14. I Want To Be Happy [Live][Instrumental]
  15. Swift As the Wind [Live][Instrumental]
  16. Mr. Five By Five [Live]
  17. A Smooth One [Live][Instrumental]
  18. Meadowland [Live][Instrumental]
  19. St. Louis Blues [Live][Instrumental]