February 24, 1998
Pop/Rock, Traditional Country, Progressive Country, Country-Pop, Contemporary Country, Country-Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Honky Tonk, Bakersfield Sound, Urban Cowboy, Outlaw Country, Western Swing Revival, New Traditionalist

Album Review

Life's Highway is a 14-track collection of honky tonk and progressive country that's about, well, "Life's Highway," and it takes unpredictable turns. It's a shaky concept for an album, but the record holds together because the artists and the performances are so good. There are a few weak spots and odd choices (why is Willie Nelson represented by "Over the Rainbow"?), but for the most part it's fine, featuring performances by Steve Wariner ("Life's Highway"), Pam Tillis ("Let That Pony Run"), Keith Whitley ("I'm No Stranger to the Rain"), Merle Haggard ("Mama Tried"), Waylon Jennings ("Will the Wolf Survive"), the Mavericks ("Mr. Jones"), Charlie Rich ("Rollin' With the Flow"), the Desert Rose Band ("Homeless") and Hank Williams, Jr. ("Mind Your Own Business").
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Life's Highway
  2. Let That Pony Run
  3. I'm No Stranger to the Rain
  4. Victim of Life's Circumstances
  5. Mama Tried
  6. Will the Wolf Survive?
  7. On the Road
  8. Old Hippie
  9. Mr. Jones
  10. Rollin' With the Flow
  11. Homeless
  12. You've Got to Stand for Something
  13. Mind Your Own Business
  14. Over the Rainbow