August 11, 1998
Pop/Rock, Jump Blues, East Coast Blues, Regional Blues, Early R&B

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Track Listing

  1. Leave My Kitten Alone
  2. Leave My Kitten Alone
  3. Gavadonius Love
  4. Keep on Loving Me, Baby
  5. Help the Blind
  6. I Am a Member of the Club
  7. Sportin' Tom
  8. I Need Your Love to Carry On
  9. Silly Dilly
  10. Slow Drag One More Time
  11. Roll On
  12. You're the Top Crust
  13. That's All Right
  14. She's the One I Love
  15. Come on In
  16. Hi Heel Sneakers
  17. Tell Me Who's Wrong
  18. Lean Greens
  19. Satisfyin' Feeling
  20. Is That the Way God Planned It?
  21. Ooh Baby
  22. Silly Little Cynthia
  23. Never Let Me Go
  24. Your Love's a Habit with Me
  25. Drunk