August 11, 1998

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Track Listing

  1. You're a Heavenly Thing
  2. Mr. Bluebird
  3. Nagasaki
  4. Chasing Shadows
  5. When I Grow Too Old to Dream
  6. I'm in the Mood for Love
  7. Isn't This a Lovely Day?
  8. Cheek to Cheek
  9. That's What You Think
  10. Shine
  11. I'm on a See-Saw
  12. Eeny Meeny Meiny Mo
  13. Double Trouble
  14. Santa Claus Came in the Spring
  15. You Hit the Spot
  16. No Other One
  17. A Little Bit Independent
  18. You Took My Breath Away
  19. Sweet Violets
  20. Dinner for One Please, James
  21. A Beautiful Lady in Blue
  22. Honeysuckle Rose
  23. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
  24. All My Life
  25. Ol' Man River
  26. Why Was I Born?
  27. These Foolish Things
  28. Cross Patch
  29. A Star Fell Out of Heaven
  30. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  31. Here Comes Your Pappy (With the Wrong Kind of Load)
  32. If We Never Meet Again
  33. Sing Baby Sing
  34. You Turned the Tables on Me
  35. It's the Gypsy in Me
  36. When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South
  37. A High Hat, a Piccolo and a Cane
  38. Easy to Love
  39. You Do the Darnedest Things, Baby
  40. The Skeleton in the Closet
  41. I'm in a Dancing Mood
  42. With Plenty of Money and You (Oh Baby What I Couldn't Do)
  43. That Foolish Feeling
  44. Gee! But You're Swell
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