Beat Goes On
World, Indian Classical, Raga, Indian Subcontinent Traditions

Album Review

Ravi Shankar has been described as one of the greatest musicians on the planet. This record, one of his classic World Pacific albums, clearly lends credence to that statement. But the thing that makes this record interesting is the fact that it contains a unique fusion of Shankar and his group performing with respected jazz flutist Paul Horn. It's an extremely gratifying combination, and Horn plays with a true jazzman's restraint on the five short selections that open the record. The second half is devoted to one long (20 minute) traditional raga, "Raga Multani," in which Shankar's awesome ability and stamina is matched only by that of his ensemble, especially Alla Rakha on tabla. Essential for any fan of Shankar or Indian music. Awesome.
Matthew Greenwald, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Tala Rasa Ranga
  2. Dhun
  3. Tabla-Dhwani
  4. Song from the Hills
  5. Tabla-Tabla Tarang
  6. Gat Kirwani
  7. Raga Multani
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