January 01, 2000
Platinum Disc
Country, Contemporary Country

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Track Listing

  1. From a Jack to a King
  2. Lola's Love
  3. A Couple of Good Years Left
  4. Just as I Am
  5. Where Was I?
  6. Hole in My Pocket
  7. Life's Little Ups and Downs
  8. Wherever She Is
  9. After the Lights Go Out
  10. Oh, Pretty Woman
  11. Working Man Blues
  12. He's Got You
  13. Crazy over You
  14. Call Me Up
  15. Suppertime
  16. Life's Little Ups and Downs
  17. Heartache Big as Texas
  18. A Bridge I Didn't Burn
  19. Life Turned Her That Way
  20. Oh, Pretty Woman