October 31, 2000
Country, Country-Pop

Album Review

Crystal Gayle combines her soothing, rich vocals with the songwriting talents of Steve Ivey and Denny Jiosa to snuggle listeners of all ages in warm, down blankets on the laps of their mothers. In My Arms offers both lyrical and intrumental cuts accented by mellow percussion, accordion, and the wistful flügelhorn. Lullabies such as "Crystal Moon" and "The Last Ray of Sunshine" provide a welcome and relaxing respite from the Barney & Friends bombardment that has infiltrated children's music. You won't find dancing purple dinosaurs here, but what you will find is comfort and peace...whether you are three or 103.
Rick Cohoon, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. In My Arms
  2. What Will I Be Tomorrow?
  3. Little Puppy
  4. Crystal Moon
  5. The Light in Your Heart
  6. Carousel
  7. The Last Ray of Sunshine
  8. Counting Sheep Around the World
  9. Panda Prayer
  10. Peaceful Night [Instrumental]
  11. Fly to the Hightest Mountain [Instrumental]
  12. Tomorrow [Instrumental]
  13. Princess [Instrumental]
  14. By the Light [Instrumental]
  15. Light Inside [Instrumental]
  16. Round and Round [Instrumental]
  17. Star Dance [Instrumental]
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