October 10, 2006
Rhythm & Blues, Urban, Contemporary Gospel, Contemporary R&B, Gospel, Adult Contemporary R&B

Album Review

Kenny Lattimore and Chanté Moore released their last solo albums, respectively, in 2001 and 2000, but their first album as a married couple -- 2003's Things That Lovers Do -- did well enough to warrant a follow-up before either singer resumed their solo career. The first disc of Uncovered/Covered is more like an enjoyable married couples' seminar set to the kind of lush and occasionally slightly toughened productions they've fronted since the '90s. They sing about the downs as well as the ups, but they keep it elegant and romantic the whole time. There are only two covers, despite the album's title; it's not surprising that they handle L.T.D.'s "Love Ballad" much better than Sade's less expressive "No Ordinary Love." The second disc is dominated by contemporary gospel material produced by Fred Hammond, who casts his typically bright sheen over everything, including slapping/snapping basslines, humming keyboards, and jubilant, layered vocal arrangements. Lattimore sounds as good as ever through the whole program, but his long-under-recognized wife shines so well, ably approaching nearly every song at a different angle, that he's pretty much outclassed. That all said, a handful of the tracks are second rate and could've been cut to make this a very tight single-disc release. Both this and Things That Lovers Do are more than strong enough, however, to warrant a third Lattimore/Moore album, not to mention a second gospel album, even though fans of both singers must be a little antsy for secular solo albums by now. In the liner notes, the couple states, "We challenge you to look for more than a handsome/beautiful face -- more than sex appeal -- and more than money in a mate." Yes, take it from a couple that just happens to be extremely attractive and well-off. You also have to love one of the inside photos, where Lattimore appears to be glaring at the camera as if to say, "I know you're not coveting your neighbor's wife."
Andy Kellman, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Uncovered (Intro)
  2. Love Ballad
  3. The Good Life
  4. I Got You Babe
  5. No Ordinary Love
  6. Figure It Out
  7. Live with You
  8. Here on Earth
  9. Just a Dream
  10. Tonight (2 Step)
  11. Every Time You Go
  12. Beautiful Distraction
  13. Vocal Booth
  14. To Me, You're Everything
  15. Rejoice (Clap You Hands)
  16. Make Me Like the Moon
  17. Your Name
  18. I Give You My Praise
  19. I Do Love You
  20. Mine All Mine
  21. No Limit
  22. Never Alone
  23. I Just Love to Praise You
  24. No Limit [Remix]
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