October 10, 2006
Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country, Contemporary Country

Album Review

Madacy repackaged and reissued the Patty Loveless albums Honky Tonk Angel from 1988, and On Down the Line released two years later. It's not a bad way to acquire the albums if you don't already own them, but there are no bonus tracks or new packaging or remastering, which means it's of marginal interest to hardcore collectors.
Al Campbell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Blue Side of Town
  2. I Won't Gamble with Your Love
  3. Go On
  4. If You Think
  5. Chains
  6. Don't Toss Us Away
  7. The Lonely Side of Love
  8. I'll Never Grow Tired of You
  9. Timber I'm Falling in Love
  10. I'm on Your Side
  11. Overtime
  12. The Night's Too Long
  13. Blue Memories
  14. Some Morning Soon
  15. You Can't Run Away from Your Heart
  16. On Down the Line
  17. I've Gotta Stop Loving You (And Start Living Again)
  18. Looking in the Eyes of Love
  19. I'm That Kind of Girl
  20. Feelings of Love